Remember this doozy that was “Lie of the Year” back in 2013: “If you like your health care, you can keep it.” – President Barack Obama


Well, Democrats are up to their same old tricks again. But this time it’s your CHILD CARE they are after.

Millions of Americans rely on faith-based entities for their childcare needs. They give them piece of mind and safety in an affordable, reliable, and nurturing environment, allowing them to maintain stable employment and provide for their families.


But radical Liberals just launched an all-out assault on these faith-based entities as part of their efforts to transform America into a secular, Godless, dystopia.


As written, Democrats’ massive, reckless, multi-trillion-dollar spending bill will shut down faith-based childcare providers and force millions of families into Government-run Child Care and Preschool.


It will… Put Government at the center of every family decision in Child Care and Preschool

It will… End bipartisan protections for faith-based providers

It will… Drive up the already high cost of care for Middle Class Families

It will… Create a bureaucratic maze of programs for parents to navigate

It will… Hand full control of Child Care and Preschool to the Federal Government


If you like your church pre-school, will you be able to keep it? Not if Senator Joe Manchin votes for Joe Biden’s radical bill!

Sign the petition today and tell JOE MANCHIN: STAND UP FOR CHILDREN AND PARENTS, NOT Radical Anti-Religion D.C. Liberals!


Keep the government OUT of family decisions and don’t tell us how to raise our children.

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